What’s Happening Now


This week we will be bottling the brown ale that we brewed last weekend. This beer only has a fermentation period of a week and we will bottle condition it for two weeks. When it’s done it will have a dark amber color, malty sweetness, and toasted nut notes. We are still drinking on the IPA and Stout. Well, I’m drinking the IPA.


Have you ever had an issue with flies congregating around your CO2 blow off tube or valve? We did. They are there because the brewer’s yeast emits a fruity aroma during the fermentation process. These aromas attract the tiny, impossible to kill fruit flies.


Scientists have discovered the particular gene that causes the yeast to produce a fruity aroma, reports Wired Magazine. Experts can enhance the gene, where the yeast create more of the aroma or limit the gene, where the yeast makes very little of the aroma. They are working to produce a strain of brewer’s yeast that does not produce the aroma at all. Researchers believe that this aroma is produced to attract the flies on purpose. The yeast uses the flies as a transport to spread the organism’s population range since a yeast culture cannot move far on its own.

I know this is something that would normally be placed in the Hey, Did You Know? section, but I have a good post for that and this pertains to What’s Happening Now. We have had fruit flies everywhere and have for some time regardless of the falling temperatures outside. They congregate around the blow off valve or tube depending on the set up for different types of beer.


Here is how to kill those little buggers from my friends at Wiki How.

Hey, Did You Know?


Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is coming up and I felt it necessary to do a seasonal post about the holiday. I was curious about beer at the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims would have brought barrels of beer on their ships across the Atlantic because beer lasts longer than potable water. Researchers at the Smithsonian Magazine believe there would be very little beer, if any, at the first Thanksgiving, which makes me sad. Fear not my readers. Your Thanksgiving has potential to keep the beer flowing throughout the gorging day.


You want look for brown ale style beers or if you have Marzens left over from Oktoberfest. Concentrate on brews that have a high level of sweet malts and toasted nut flavors, low levels of bitterness, and lower levels of alcohol – because no one wants to be the one who ruined Thanksgiving due to drunkenness. These types of beers are going to pair well with the multitude of flavors, textures, temperatures, and weights of Thanksgiving meals. You want to make sure that you are not drinking a heavy beer that will fill you up as you enjoy the turkey. Brown ales or a Marzens will be a perfect blend to avoid flavor dominance over your meal.


May you have many things to be thankful for. I know I am.



My Unadulterated Opinion-


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t like brown ales. I don’t care for the sweet malts and lack of hop flavor. I want some bitter hops, but I just upsold you on toasted malt beer to go with your turkey so I put my pallet on the line. I’m glad that I went against what I normally drink. Boffo Brown ale by Dark Horse Brewery is a fantastic beer.


The dark color and the smooth head make the beer look aesthetically great. It pours out as a muddy color with about 80% clarity. The flavor is robust and exquisite. The sweet, toasted malts flavors meld well with bitterness dark chocolate notes. I think I like it because it does have some bitterness in the flavor, but it’s not from hops. I was able to overlook it though.


I enjoyed drinking this beer. This beer will be at my Thanksgiving dinner table. I got a six pack for $11.99. Enjoy my friends.






  • What beer will you drink over Thanksgiving?


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Featured Image Credit: Boulevard Brewing



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