Greetings. My name is Ryan (WordPress call sign Nazufel). I live outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and I am twenty-three years old. I grew up with my father who had one rule with beer, if he could pour it into a glass and see through it, he did not drink it. This, of course living in his house where he bought the beer, was my rule too. I went to college and tried to honor my father’s rule, but there were many times where I went with whatever was at the party or my friends were drinking. I have now, recently, seen the error of my ways and have been re-baptized back into the world of craft beer. We in the last couple of months have taken up home brewing. I have found more than just a love for beer, but a life style. You will get to know me more as the posts go on. You can reach me at mylifeasahomebrewer@gmail.com. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, others to come soon.


My father and I have been sucked into the world of craft beer. We are rookies and have done a few home batches of beer based off preassembled kits from a local brewing supply store. We are by no means beer experts -except for maybe drinking beer. This site is just what the title implies, what my life and experiences are like as a home brewer; but I also wish for it to be a mode of discussion around the topic of craft beer and home brewing. I want you to see what my life is like surrounding craft beer and talk to each other about your own experiences. I do not have a wealth of information, but I hope to gain it through this site and I hope that others will share theirs. I hope that people can get the discussions they need and make friends that last a life time.


I will have an official update for the site every Tuesday for the high level of traffic on Wednesday.


Brewing Update- where I will discuss where my father and I are in our current brewing cycles. What was just made, what’s fermenting, what’s bottled, what is betting bottle aged, did we have anything go horribly right or wrong, and anything in-between.


Factoids- I am an information addict. If I am going to do something, I want to know everything about it. This section I’ll post something relevant to home brewing or craft beer, brewing history, Cincinnati history in particular, some science of beer, random facts, or urban legends. Whatever I can find that week or if I have a theme for the rest of the post will go here. Hopefully you learn something interesting.


Community News- There is a constant influx of new breweries, beers, recipes, equipment, etc. Whatever is happening in our community you will know about it here. Feel free to email me suggestions: mylifeasahomebrewer@gmail.com


Review- Yes, I will risk life and liver to bring you what I think of a certain beer. I’ll tell you about kind it is, my drinking experience of it, where to find it and how much.


My Wish List- I will discuss whatever I want to do in the future.

Discussion- Here is where I will leave the faithful to discuss higher ideals based off a discussion question or prompt that I will leave at the end.


I will also update as I see fit and I’ll add smaller posts when something interesting happens. “Interesting” is to be determined.





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