Drinking and Politics

Update 10/23/14


Brewing Update:

We only brew preassembled kits that we get at a local brewing supply store outside of Cincinnati. I will refer to the beers by the names that the store uses for them.

We have not brewed anything new recently. Right now we are drinking on Wrath of the Tsar, which is an Imperial Stout. We did not take a specific gravity, but we are told by the storeowners that it is close to 9% ABV. I believe them. I can feel them hit after just two or three. This is not a get drunk beer, but one to sit and enjoy slowly. It will punch you from behind if you are not careful.

We just bottled the Area 51, which is an IPA. You will find that I am an IPA guy and I am very excited about this beer. We had it in the fermenting bucket for two weeks and dry hopped it one week. It has currently been in the bottles for almost a week by the time this post gets out. We will let it carbonate for one more week and then drink it. I foresee me drinking it more than him, because I am a hophead. I love the stuff, the stronger the IPA the better.


I am an information junkie. I think I have some weird disorder where I get entertainment from learning things. This week’s factoid comes from Ed Crews at Colonial Williamsburg on Drinking in Colonial America. Colonial candidates for political office attracted voters with alcohol. They would distribute pints of beer and hard cider as they gave their political speeches. Imagine how many more people would show up to the ballot box if there was a pint waiting for them. I, as a full-blooded American, do not require alcohol to get me to the ballot box, but I would love for alcohol to get me out.

If you are a candidate during this midterm-election period do what your ancestors did and you will have “one up” on the competition. I’ll vote for you.

You can find the link to the Crews article here. It’s a long read, but very worth it.

Community News:

This week’s news is two fold. First, the American Homebrewers Association is holding its National Homebrewers Conference June 11-13, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Secondly, they are also calling for submissions for presenters to speak at the conference. If you would like to present at the 2015 American Homebrewers Conference you can find the link to the site here.


For this week’s review I would like to call attention to Rivertown Brewing Company’s Dunkel Beer.Rivertown Dunkle I had another beer lined up, but when I got off of work tonight I tried this great beer and had to change the review.

It’s a Munich style dark lager with mild roasted flavor mixed with caramel. The color is that of a dark, classic dunkel you would expect from a Munich style and it has a smooth finish.

All that aside, I enjoyed drinking this beer. It was around $9 for a six pack. I recommend this beer for those you like smooth, dark lagers. Drink this beer.

Wish List:

I would like to see a brew happen here in the valley by the next post on the 30th so I can have a more interesting Brewing Update for you.

Another item for the wish list would be to have the Instagram set up so you can see all the pictures I take of us brewing and drinking the beers around here.

Thanks for reading this week. Don’t forget to follow the blog, like, share, and comment on the discussion question below. Feel free to email me at mylifeasahomebrewer@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. I am always open to new things.


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  • “Would you rather pay $12 for a six-pack or $6 for a twelve-pack? Why?”